Delivery of Lamby Packs

Lamby Pack deliveries are an event.  Among attendance are elected officials, hospital officials and TV & print media.  The event kicks off the city's grassroots awareness campaign efforts.

Lamby Pack

Contents of Lamby Packs hand picked by Alex to include stuffed animal lamb, soft lamb pillow case, whoopee cushion, disappearing ink, glowing spinning top, candy, paratrooper, flying fist, air freshener & hand sanitizer.

​​Changing the World

of childhood cancer

​Did You Know?

Childhood Cancer receives

ONLY 4% of

ALL Federal Cancer Funds

What We Do


A world with Childhood Cancer cures


Supporting and comforting children in cancer treatment in the USA and advocating to classify childhood cancer separate from adult cancer.


Deliver Lamby Packs to all children in cancer treatment in the USA until there are no longer children in treatment.

Classify childhood cancer as it's own disease so proper funding, regulations and drug development may occur.

Supporting Children in Cancer Treatment

Lambs for Life supports and comforts children in cancer through distribution of Lamby Packs to all children in cancer treatment in the U.S. through their hospitals. The initial delivery to a hospital is an event with elected officials, media, hospital administration, and our local & national partners.

Education and Awareness Programs

The delivery to hospitals 'kicks off' the childhood cancer movement in the hospital city.  Through partnerships and advance work in each hospital city, the grass-roots movement in the city is launched with awareness programs for civic organizations, schools and churches.  With the PR developed in the delivery's event, the media relationship is established to follow-up on developments with growth and elected officials.



Childhood cancer suffers from lack of funding and lack of drugs because it is classified as simply another adult cancers yet childhood cancer represents over a dozen cancers with endless subtypes and most childhood cancers are not seen in the adult population. 

By classifying childhood cancer separately, we will finally learn the budget it really needs and regulations won't be based on adults. 

Kids are not small adults. 

Cancer reacts differently in children.

Adult drugs react differently in children.

Users are encouraged to use the Childhood Cancer Action form through our education and awareness programs, local and national partnerships, social media and media coverage users are encouraged to use our online Childhood Cancer Action Form to educate their elected officials.