Lambs for Life is

The Squeaky Wheel

of childhood cancer

Lack of Funding & Lack of Drugs

​Kids are suffering & dying

The Solution

​Childhood Cancer needs to be classified as its own disease so funding, regulations and guidelines can be made for children and not adults. We can't chase a cure until we make it possible to develop cures.

We Demand

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Testimony to Senate Appropriations Committee's Health & Human Services Subcommittee

13 year old Merrick was the very first recipient of a Lamby Pack.  Merrick is battling childhood cancer at MUSC Children's Hospital.

Changing the World of childhood cancer

change in policy

in cancer treatment


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The Lives We Impact

We deliver Lamby Packs

to ALL children in cancer treatment in the USA

When Alex was told his cancer was back in January 2016, he didn't shed a tear. Instead, he smiled and said he didn't want to be showered with gifts again.  Only lambs this time - he wanted thousands so we can get them to all the other kids going through chemo to comfort and bring them hope the way his lamb, Lamby, did for him. Then he said he wanted to name it Lambs for Life!

“He was so happy with everything in the pack and genuinely excited!

I’ve given out a ton of them and all of the kids love them - all ages too!”

Michelle Vandermaas, MS, CCLS

MUSC Children's Hospital

​Child Life Coordinator

We Support Kids